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IH Rice Cooker JKW-A10W/A18W


Delicious rice cooked by IH is closer to you.

Capacity Model No.
1.0L(5.5cups) JKW-A10W
1.8L(10cups) JKW-A18W

3-layer metal pan is the key of flavorful rice.

3-layer pan and far-infrared ray coating inside the structure provide even heat retention and circulation for perfectly cooked rice.

LCD Control Panel

8 computerized cooking menu settings

Plain rice & Quick rice( Rinse-free rice)
Long-grain rice( Jasmine rice)
Brown rice
Mixed rice・Sweet rice
Porridge (Rinse-free rice)
Oatmeal (steel cut)

Model No. JKW-A10W JKW-A18W
Available Voltage 220V 220V
Capacity 1.0L 1.8L
Electric Rating Cook 1210 W Cook 1400 W
Size / Weight 26.0x35.5x19.8cm / 3.7Kg 28.7x38.3x23.4cm / 4.4Kg

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